Sunday, January 09, 2011

I-20 Chronicles PT 5......Turning Right...I Dipped Up I-75....

Once again it's on...the I-20 Chronicles...what's the response to these and those? I took my cues from the universe on how I was going to proceed.

Took a cruise up I-75 to Detroit to holla at my kinfolk on Grand Ave..true indeed.

Chasing a dollar and a dream  had some paranoid!! the grand scheme of things showed they've been broke!

Big homie was trying to scheme up on things!!! making moves up in Cleveland but wasn't Lebron..but said he wasn't quitting and wasn't stopping..he knew the inside joke!

Encouragement was given..other wannabes told him  lets get it popping!! that was the cliche!! how will they play? pulling an upset like the Seattle Seahawks?  now some are going for broke!

Whatcha working with? .whatcha trying to do?...that was the question..big homie had the x pills, weed, and coke!

Word from Al Roker?   the weather is inclement..dudes home in Detroit wasn't energy efficient!

....In a shotgun house with no insulation!! plus the roof was leaking...what's the deal with it?

....but dude had the new Caddie  Escalade!! that's how the game is played!!  down I-75 he was streaking!

Big balling!! the insinuation was fuel for the instigation!!! now somebody's wikileaking!

Or maybe Wikipedia will bring the definition...dude was soon chilling in the hotel hooked up by Expedia!

Let the chips fall where they may!! drama goes down like the shooting in Baltimore..but drama goes down in Arizona what will some say?  definition provided by the media!

God speed to you!! his will is done!! I'll catch you on the rebound like Dwight Howard!

Street gods bleed from the American Justice!! guns blast these days!! we don't fight a coward!

Whose Stern like Howard or even David?  that last hour will get ugly for some!

Who will learn their lessons? a brotha will drop messages in the songs using the piano and the drum!

As the hooptie runs up and down these Interstates in the Midwest and the East Coast..

Truth be told?'s we roll..we ride out on 101 in San Francisco..we took it to the West Coast..

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