Friday, January 28, 2011

Under Construction

 God Is Not Through With Us Yet!!

Under construction!! the facility is surrounded by trucks..yellow tape... cats with hardhats with lanterns on top!

Under corruption..Moms even had her son and his friends robbing yellow caution tape is  also used at crime scenes..corruption's by product..the drama doesn't stop!

In another spectrum Moms doesn't stop crying!! her son was out there trying to make fast money..but had to admit ..homie was rolling for a minute!

Driving around in the Mustang 5.0...rocking out like Drivin N Cryin..said he wasn't lying he was in it to win it!

Operating like Mubarak in Egypt..thought they played the opposition like dimwits..but like Marta they were smarta!

What's up with it? now compositions of sketches are done..some will be detained at the border!

What's up with it? any opposition to the wretchedness? some realize what the deal is..Charlie Sheen checks into rehab..realizing things are out of control..out of order..

What's up with it? observing the scene...whose stretching it? Rahm Emanuel is back in the race up in Chicago..

What's up with it? what's heard...what's seen? some are flexing..stretching..some are making noise like it's The Honda Battle of The Bands.. here in Atlanta..act like you know...

Big tymers were rolling in Caddie Escalade stretches!! affiliated with the New World Order and Illuminati!

Imagination stretches are dealt with..some are affiliated with crime families like Gotti!

They might even spot me out there...Louisville /Newburg resident... no game? considered lame!! it's embedded in my structure...

It's all game from Charlotte / Mecklenburg to the A-Town..things heat up like Lebron and D Wade and what's up with ya?

Were in the heart of it...punches are thrown like Marvin Williams vs Shawne Williams in the Hawks vs Knicks Game...

Where else will the drama go down?  whatever goes folk will catch the blame..

Where is it going down? please!! drama can jump off anywhere!! it can be universal...intergalactic like sun eruptions..also international..whose acting irrational..from Cairo to San Francisco..From Cincinnati to Old Nati out in College Park!

...Down in Georgia...what's up with ya?? please!! I'm not trying to start with ya!! I've got red clay on the border of my White Nike Air Force Ones!! it came from hooping it up in Glenwood Park!

I've been on one accord with the hood!! but also intergalactic..spotted  others were waiting in the dark..waiting for a one way ticket!

Waiting for answers..others were staying in the thick of it!

The devil was waiting for dancers!! the beat had a kick to i!!t some followed the Pied Piper!

The next level is achieved by they get down...they got hyper!

A star medal or a stripe for ya,,,,but it'll get snatched away!

As we get with ya!!! coming out fresh with a brand new batch is how we play!

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