Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Train Of Thought Is Rolling!! It Doesn't Stop!!

Pyramids and ponzi schemes dominate the landscape...things were Shady Like Grady...Wall street  might consider it business as usual.

Bernard Madoff was there!! he was going off out there!! but Tom Jones mentioned its not unusual. 

....To be loved by someone!! mentioned in another post Carlton was seen dancing! 

Might have proved to someone that they were starting something like Michael Jacksonso whose dancing?

Whose advancing in the middle of the action? the recession is supposed to be over ..but the saga /struggle continues. 

..Not just here in's world wide..check the scenario!! chefs are still in hell's kitchen because some still like whats on those menus!

The journey continues!! the train of thought is rolling!! but not to mamby pamby land  like the the Geico commercial!!

Not in therapy with the drill sergeant acting like a jack wagon!! dipped for a minute ...but back once again..who'll work with a bro?

I've got work to do like the Isleys!!avoiding those trying to jack again or hack again!! I'm providing a source of illumination and clarification.

I've gotten hurt!! scars to show it..others too!! from the persecution..what are you facing?

What are you racing..trying to stay a step ahead of the devil? running from him like the Ohio Players joint.

Meanwhile we try to stay a step ahead on another level!! with the Louisville Midwest style!! Chi-Town Detroit and Ohio players knew the inside joke they get the point!

Others like the New York Times look for a turning point in the discourse  that led to the shooting out in Arizona!!

Muqtada Sadr was even talking about a new course of action...meanwhile O-Dizzle will adjust base treble
and tone for ya!!

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