Saturday, January 01, 2011

I-20 Chronicles PT.4 Dipping Through..@@@@

I-20 Chronicles...we're rolling...left 2010...moved on to 2011..what's the response to these and those? the devil will oppose...I told some I'm not fooling with y'all!

I'm not responsible for some!! over in Egypt blowing up churches! just praying for whats up with y'all?

...Dipping through Lenox Mall..spotted Chili from TLC and Kim from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

....Dipping through..TV screen mentions the new Pitt coach..reminded that violence is foreign and domestic.."one call that's all".. word from Ken Nugent the attorney on TV in Atlanta!!

...Plus partners seemed domesticated!! up in the mall in Lenox..I think were dealing with an epidemic.

Meanwhile I'm dipping down I-20...chilling!! some act frantic..while I get scientific..word from O-Zone..half thug and half academic!

...But no academy awards for the actions!! plus no Benjamins, Grants or Jacksons.. I'm not rolling like that!

Holla back at me if your in the heart of the recession!! eye of the storm!! it's the norm when we're rolling like that!

Military government industrial complex is controlling that!! modern day robber barons..history keeps repeating!

Holla if you hear me!! the simple is made complex..whose the next victim of alt shift deleting?

In the street again!! dipping down I-20 and I-85..taking a minute or two to drop these Chronicles.

Gangsta ventures and even I-85 adventures were discussed previously..what's the response to these and those?

Unconventional wisdom is used to develop unconventional weapons!! breaking rules from the Helsinki and Geneva Conventions ...with UN weapons inspectors mad at us?

Like they are with Iran!! or North Korea..check the scenario!! as we do this!! it's all on us!

No justice no peace is the catch phrase..already knew what it we dip down I-20...

What's up with us? please..we can't be at ease!! this thing is serious..not like Eddie Murphy's delirious..not a damn thing is funny!!

2011...this run will be we get with you..dropping these I-20 Chronicles...

The saga/struggle continues....what's on these menus?...the train of thought is still rolling...what's the response to these and those?

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