Sunday, January 16, 2011

I-20 Chronicles PT.6....Thawing Out. In Atlanta..

What it do? I'm in Atlanta rolling down I-20..what's up money?....home teams are licking their wounds...damn!! it's like this and like that!! but at least the snow is melting..the aftermath after the storm.

What did we have for ya? blue Pittsburgh Steelers....old school manufacturing process!!  iron and steel smelting!! industrial strength..the by product after the process?..this math!!  but some say its not the norm!

What did we have for ya? breakbeat science...but facing scorn and ridicule...boy your a fool was even heard! ..

What did we have for ya? we weren't stuck on I-20 during the storm like the trucks were earlier this week...we were chilling in the heard?

What did we have for ya? check out this by product from chilling in the dorm..based on what occured..

As we take some to school!! old to next school...dropping this good word!

You heard? I don't know..during this cold weather some had on ear they had on dark glasses.

I don't know..some say whatever!! still trying to be cunning and clever..NFL told them about the trash talk ..but I spotted them waiting in the dark..taking classes.

I don't know...some say whatever...they were like Jared Loughner...heard them talking about lucid and conscious dreams...rashes linger from the thoughts.

Others talk junk!! like Iran saying they won't stop nuclear uranium enrichment..said they're not stupid!! plus a con plots and schemes!! but authorities pull a sting...soon some of them are caught!

We developed the Sonic Assault..check out the steady bombardment of the enemy position.

Lessons taught to these and those!! by chefs in souls kitchen...we heard about the malnutrition.

Hell is caught like Natalie Colementioned...we heard about the foul situation plus we beared witness to it!

Lessons taught as we roll through down I-20...what's up money? peeping game ...casing the joint..acting like we knew it!

Did others have a clue about it? I spotted some with blinders on.

Power, sex, money and drugs!! that's what some minds were on!

Zodiac signs were on message boards...are they wrong?   reminded of them as I walk down the street soaking up Capricorn  sun rays!

As we proceed and continue!! ignoring those showing scorn on how this son of God plays!

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