Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mechanical / Social Engineering / Industrial Strength

Mechanical or social engineering takes place...as mechanics study the schematics.

Plotting and scheming on things like Jared Loughner ..whatcha know?...plus blueprints and flowcharts were studied.. industrial strength?  I don't know..but cold hearts are held by fanatics.

It's like North Korea..regimes were upheld by flawed mathematics..behavior is erratic..whose in need of therapy?

Don't contact the drill sergeant from the Geico commercial!!  he'll let you know the deally!

We can't go to mamby pamby land!! spotted some rolling down I-85 in Atlanta..riding in a white van with a yellow ribbon and a soccer ball on it!

Damn man!! once again it's on...hope I'm not in Sarah Palin's crosshairs! as I go there..staying up on it!!

The ice has the ATL shut down!!  holding up traffic on I-285..but your boy is transmitting live from the A-Town planet!

Mechanic or Social engineering taking place...whose running in the race? some will be taken for granted.

Watching the Mechanic...were others certified or of the shadetree variety!!  powers that be planned this or that..but steering the vehicle into traffic!!  damn!!  2011 is off to a bad start!

Showers from the reign from 2010 are still falling..hoping you dont have a bad heart!

That same negativity caught a ride on the vehicle..might even be riding shotgun!

Mentioned I've got guardian angels rolling with me..not letting haters steal my time like relativity..please!! O-Dizzle is not the one!

What's the deal? not rolling with  angels from Westboro Baptist Church..this brotha puts in work..who said its not the drum that he's using?..through the universe hes cruising!

..Like Smokey we cruise... knew what the inside joke would be!! it's like Cam Newton and Auburn..even though the media keeps frontng..I've seen whose winning and losing!

Can't lose with the stuff we use like Rev. Ike... as we operate like Digital Underground...doing what we like...admitting...winning and losing...

White Nike Air Force Ones scuffed up by the Georgia red clay..representing my ego bruising!!

Broken beats and english  is the response!! choosing to take the assignment.. like Tom Cruise the mission is not impossible

But streets are full of pain and anguish!! some feel that peace is not possible!

They can't stop this bro !!as we proceed and continue!

What it do? this good word and brand new funk are on the menu!

Acting like I knew...dropping this breakbeat science on 1-11-11!!

The situation is like a Las Vegas or Atlantic City crap game....shadetree mechanics will roll seven!!

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