Friday, January 14, 2011

Mechanical / Social Engineering...Industrial Strength PT.2

Shadetree mechanics were acting like they knew what they were doing!

At the end of the day everybody is left's a state of emergency like Tunisia! ...whose now going for what they're knowing?

What's showing? clock ticking for Michael Steele? some didn't like the way things look... what will they say about it?

Others saw that the situation was bootleg!! meanwhile others  came out swinging and missed..they didn't need to say anything about it!

Others were dramatical..borderline fanatical ...acting lessons were put to good use!

This brothas grammatical procedures are not the norm!!  I'll admit..broken English is what I use!

Plus broken beats are used..breakbeat science is in full effect!

What's broken? shadetree mechanics take a look..can we stick it together with duct tape? but that's not politically correct!

Whose joking..fronting..flashing? up near tied up with duct tape during the home invasion. 

Whose joking?  didn't listen to Babyface, LA Ried and The Deele..when they said something about two occasions.

Whose joking..whatcha facing? it's like the weather and roads in Atlanta..unpleasant situations dominate the landscape!

The infrastructure is falling apart..shadetree mechanics pull out the yellow "under construction" tape!

Who'll corrupt ya? now your under the yellow crime scene tape is also present!

Plus some spots are white chalked out!! showing that society is not benevolent!

Some walked out of the peace negotiations because of the details saying the devil was in it!

Shadetree mechanics talked it out !!  currency was exchanged!! negotiable on another level..but they still made a mess of it!

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O-ZONE said...

well Michael Steele quit!!