Monday, January 17, 2011

Mechanical /Social Engineering Industrial Strength PT. 3

Tools of the trade were broken!! even Steve Jobs had to fall back.. now what will the shadetree mechanic do?

Fools get played like behind the scene at the Golden Globes.. it's like cars getting wrecked and bones broken on the slick ice in Atlanta!! they didn't act like they knew.

Whose part of the charade?  dipped in the Caddie Escalade!! funky fresh in the flesh..said they were living their dreams!

Whose part of the charade? down here in Atlanta..the so called promise land..everything is not what it seems...

Down here in Atlanta...had a dream like we celebrate MLK Day...Rev. Otis Moss was even up in Louisville..

What's up with ya..conscious or lucid dreams like dude in Arizona? winning or losing teams? what's the deal?

Similar to Inception...or just a deception? meanwhile we're maintaining consciousness when floating down streams...corporations will pollute them.

That's the reception...but we're maintaining..ignored the social we come with this..mechanics said it's broken..but refusing to abort this operation ..authorities will dispute them.

What's the reception? I didn't get cute with them!!  plus I wasn't acting like a court jester.

Getting to the root of them...digging in the crates..finding the DNA in old vinyl records, cassettes and Cd's.

Listening to John Legend and the Roots..trying to wake up!! .as your homie lets the music play like Barry White said!! as we hit you up with these!

Negro please I heard somebody say!!  but they lived in a glass house..and they were throwing stones!

The steelo?  please!! O-Dizzle hits you up with funk, jazz, hip hop, plus this good word is O-Zone's.

What's the deally? one should know...we're attacking the clones with this steady bombardment.

The enemy positions are danger zones!!  from Atlanta to Chicagoland: from Sudan to Afghanistan...we need to recognize the pattern.

O-Zone will cruise the streets of Atlanta...but knowledge was gained from Newburg to Johannesburg to Charlotte Mecklenburg:  from Pluto to Saturn.

Notices dreams shattering due to social engineering..from the suburbs to the inner cities... to Palestine and Israeli settlements..

Mechanics were battering on the apparatus trying to fix it...turning screws ...trying to make adjustments...

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