Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I Was On One

On some old school soul brotha type stuff!! as the old Caddie Coupe Deville dipped down 110th Street in Harlem!

That's word from Bobby Womack; as I go back to the future...flexing ability..so what you starting?

Already dealt with Plutonians and Martians;  plus residents of Venus!! drama was off the chain!! chilled behind a cloak of invisibility..now I'm back down on earth!

Iranians continue the plutonium and uranium chase; frustrated by Stuxnet ;whats up with it? I heard Freddie's Dead per Curtis Mayfield;..damn he was the salt of the earth!

Damn!! whats it all worth?  flavor was provided; he fulfilled his mission on earth!

Others provide that same behavior....hanging out around the hood..up to no good.. but Biz Markie said nothing can save you; but we provide the funk rebirth!

So what's good? what's hood? what's the flavor? dealing with a Moody's debt downgrade?..please!! reality checks paid more than what its worth..wheres the rebate?

So what's good? what's hood?  checks and balances in government didn't work...wheres the debate?

Praying is how we make it...can't knock on wood..as we all skate on thin ice due to global warming!

Others talk junk like Putin..acting brand new again....but we continue to do what we do spanning the globe brainstorming!

But we still roll up on the storm like Emily.. they play a bruh like he's not the norm..disrespected this entity...
but they soon realize I'm on one..

Word from DJ Khaled...as haters got foul with it..check the steady bombardments of the enemy positions that are unleashed...as some beseeched us to provide back up..as they went into the danger zone..

Funky is how the style will get..bass treble and tone are adjusted..it's crazy how O-Dizzle will take a beat and loop it...showing love...

What's the deal with O-Zone? he's on one....not a damn thing is funny..like Crazy Stupid Love...

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