Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Caught Up In The System / Matrix...Trying To Escape It....

Whats up? please!! they weren't checking for me like the French are for Mohamed Merah...but that could be a good thing! 

....But soon micro managers started inspecting me; soon they'll realize this is a hood thing! 

Micro and macro economics damaged things per Ben Bernanke!! but corporations are still expecting me to pay up! 

Already paying the price; check the dramatics when I drive to the hoop...I was just trying to shoot a lay up! 

I get hacked like T-Will...when I protest I was told to chill or get cut from the team...fouls were flagrant!! crooked officials and referees look the other way; old girl up in Louisville said you have to stay prayed up in this piece! 

Facebook and Blogster accounts were hacked; things are tight in these hoods..busters and marks will get jacked...jokers played Hunger Games up in this piece!

Caught up in the system / Tiger Woods..trying to get myself together...but the place is a barren wilderness...with no justice and no peace! 

Caught up in the system / matrix..asking myself...when will the madness cease? 

As we ease on down the road; but dealing with obstacles in Babylon ...the modus operandi is sweated!

Please!!!! were in defensive mode when caught up in this system; peep the Trayvon Martin episode as history is  repeated!

Morale is low; plus peeps are tense or stressed out!! being caught up in this system / matrix will do that to you! 

The profile is low; plus we kept it moving...a fake one will act like they knew ya!

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