Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trying To Get It Out Of My System

Man please! whats the deal? I'm trying to get that stuff out of my system! 

....Couldn't be at ease like Obama dealing with the Supreme Court concerning the health care law; something was submerged deep in my spirit; its got me out there...caught up in the system....I was almost through dealing! 

Its embedded like the press was in Army units in Iraq and Afghanistan!

What was I getting into? the mic was left on like Obama talking to the Russian minister...I should have known better!! but the mothership was on automatic pilot when it landed on earth; damn!

Now were subject to the so called authority like Trayvon Martin;   these jokers are sinister...its like Damn! Damn! Damn! like Florida from Good Times! 

Whats it all worth? whats up with ya? some thought you were eating 100 percent beef..but it was mixed with pink slime! 

Whats it all worth? I had to think of mine when looking at the big picture! 

Whats it all worth? as I check out the scheme of things..O-Zone will go big with this scripture! 

As haters roll like Republicans...trying to plot and scheme up on things; all up in the mixture! 

We didn't debate this!! we just put it down like this!! check this breakbeat science; O-Dizzle has the sonic mixture! 
The Sonic Assault will hit ya upside the head!!! oops per the Gap Band! 

Whose caught up? talked about trying to get in where they fit in; now they're trapped man!

Were trying to get it out of our system before we slapped the next man talking foolish! 

In the hood a joker got capped man!! they didn't follow the street code; this is not where the golden rule is!

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