Saturday, March 24, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles....As We Put It Down Like This..

Once again its on!! as we put it down like this...check out these Chronicles...based on dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!

Rolling in the as usual...truth be told...listening to Youngblood on Kiss 104; he was jamming!! playing Skin Tight by the Ohio Players while I was eating Golden Flake hot chips and drinking an Orange Fanta! 

Thinking..asking myself; where did the Mothership land a bruh? I'm trapped down here on earth! 

Caught up in the system /matrix.... similar to the Hunger Games? I'm down here where these folk fake it..whats it all worth? 

My peeps feel the hunger pains....we come to feed bear witness to the funk; now some may feel it..but everybody won't be able! 

Calculating losses and gains like Bank of America...I was tripping; dipping through Wal-Mart on Fairington Rd; checking out the "all stars" ....a lot of them seem unstable!

Looks like they believed the fable told in La La or Mamby Pamby Land! 

Now cashing reality checks..there's no where to run or hide..whose caught up in the drama?...its like they're fighting the Lord's Resistance Army in Africa...or spending their time like its Pakistan or Afghanistan!

So whats up man? Lord Help!! Lord Help!! is the battle society disrespects...bear witness to the Trayvon Martin episode...

So whats up? as we dip down I-20 in Atlanta...responding with the Chronicles for those waiting on the truth to be told...

The Atlanta playa playa said the game is meant to be sold not he kept it pimping...

Who'll understand a bruh? breakbeat science is dropped..wishing it was a simple thing...

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