Thursday, March 08, 2012


Damn!! whats the deal?  we thought we had something..word from Peyton Manning..but now we deal with the disappointment! 

We were caught up-caught out there!! it was like a solar storm; whats up with it? some were waiting in the dark..damn!!! we missed our appointment! 

Plus like Republican Primaries...Alice In Wonderland types were anointed; now policies come straight from Mamby Pamby and La La Land!

Like The Taliban in Afghanistan will show you..malice will knock some off balance!! whats up man? a joker asked me..I told him to look around...he would understand! 

The foul? look's evident..a crook found paradise...but unlike Rod blue ribbon panel tribunal or joint committee will stop them! 

The dial is turned...the button is pressed; but whose impressed? please!! the saga / struggle continues..check the episodes; they're consecutive!! who'll stop them? 

We didn't stop them!! our endeavors...we kept it moving; but we had to sacrifice!

But we still dealt with reminded us that this "ain't nothing nice"

Somebody probably felt it...paying the price...using reality checks that sometimes bounce...

Somebody probably felt it...O-Dizzle didn't think twice..that's  per Donald heard? he came through dropping funk like Roger...more bounce to the ounce...

Somebody probably felt it...O-Zone drops this good word...telling you disappointment will pounce on you like a jacker...

Somebody probably dealt with it...disappointed in a joker..that was rolling with the Feds like Sabu..that hacker...

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