Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Saga / Struggle Continues; Whats Next?

The saga / struggle President Obama vs The Supreme Court concerning the health care law; seems the episodes were consecutive!

Now a brotha is asking; whats next?  as decisions are made like an executive! 

Whats up with it? some usually don't connect with it...usually foul with they're at the end of the road like Newt they want a helping hand! 

Whats up with it? the mothership was on automatic pilot but now I'm helping it land! 

Were back down to earth...just left the International Space Station.. whats it all worth?  playa playas down here in Atlanta said they have it under control!

They were putting in work...Stacy Adams shoes were click clacking like high heels on the pavement while we put in work blue collar style; that's how we roll!

Jokers said we were  like Louisvillains..said we were "Newburging"....rolling with two cells phones; one for business and one for pleasure! 

Jokers pursued Mega-Millions....we weren't merging with the apparatus; they'll have you going around in circles like Billy Preston in pursuit of the hidden treasure! 

How were we working it? O-Dizzle did the math...he took measurements so I could get in where I fit in! 

So whats next after plans fizzle? what we thought was beef was just pink slime...we had to regroup; we won't quit or won't stop; we kept it moving! 

Actually...were in our prime...we're showing and proving but not intentionally; its just going down like this!

As we continue to drop this breakbeat science; were throwing down like this!

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