Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Saga / Struggle Continues; Dealing With Consecutive Episodes

As we proceed and continue; crazy episodes were back to back..consecutive...but were doing the best we can to survive!

We're wishing it was simple..but the saga / struggle continues; like Republican presidential candidates in Alabama and Mississippi trying to show they're conservative; how will they work it? meanwhile we kept it moving!! but we know we'll soon arrive! 

They thought a brotha would shuck and jive; but I'm back on the grind again..they see me putting work in! 

...Like the Federal Reserve did the stress test for banks  ...jokers tried to test a bruh; but I was the one who prepared the test..the professor!! so when they try to introduce the drama its not working! 

They tried to stress a bruh like the media does Tiger Woods; they even disrespected the roots and culture! 

.....the saga / struggle continues; ill episodes were consecutive...back to back...it's tight in these hoods!! but we still provide these scriptures...were not stopping like Encyclopaedia Britannica..so whats up with ya?

...That's what they asked a brotha as I peeped game; noticed some were rolling like Herman Cain...so called brothas and sistas were in cahoots with those that'll corrupt ya!

They asked a brotha; whats up with ya? I told them I'm just trying to maintain! hopefully my approval rate will go up like Obama's

...Told them It Don't Stop...we keep it moving; because moving targets are hard to hit; that's whats happening!!

...but we still deal with it; the saga / struggle continues; like Frankie Beverly and Maze; we deal with the Joy and Pain!

I was asked....Can You Stand The Rain? that's per the New Edition...

Meanwhile we deal with consecutive episodes...but decisions are made in executive mode to improve are condition....

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