Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Was Feeling The Vibe

A brotha is like a doctor checking the pulse; somebody said the HPV infection rate is down? but Trayvon Martin's family will ask did anybody turn the hatred down? I was feeling the vibe! 

The mood was subdued; some said you have to be cunning, clever or shrewd when dealing with the tribe! 

They're flipping out like the Mashantucket Pequots  tribe...or maybe like the Jet Blue captain...I heard what was said...whats up captain?  who lied about it? somebody had the story twisted! 

They're flipping out...I heard what was said; now some will be subject to the authority after the drama is revisited! 

Family reunion style!!! somebody said unions were foul...they were beaten back by corporations! 

Demon deacons representing skull and bones serve communion; but they didn't attend Wake Forest; to Harvard or Yale there were no relations!

Beacons of light type of personas are exhibited; soon those acting fake in the forest will fail! 

Dropping this insight on the masses..the rank and file..the personnel! 

The mothership will sail through the galaxy..check us out as we put it down like this!

Its a rough job but somebody has to do it; as we continue to fight this!

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