Saturday, February 14, 2015

Anger Management (Conflict With The World)

Who will work with ya? I mentioned earlier, whether you do or don't somebody damned it!

Now we're in conflict with the world;  in need of anger management?

Breakbeat science? like NASA megadrought forecasts we kick it!!  but we're wondering how did we manage to get caught up in this moment of time?

20 / 20 hindsight / and at the end of the day knowledge was revealed while wandering through Babylon; no need for the megachurch to tell me about  evil being an opponent of mine.

Do the crime?  do the time!! that was McGruff take a bite out of crime / danger zone philosophy.

No where near the BDP one;  while scouting like Fred McGriff I saw a stranger come undone due to their philosophy.

....Said it was their prerogative per Bobby Brown but as we can see with Bobby Kristina  even he goes through it.

 Positive and negative forces do battle;  was it because Nike said Do it?

Acting like I knew it!! but mad at the world and they're mad at me!! I'm in Atlanta rocking INC jeans, a Champion sweatshirt, and gray Adidas with blue stripes; North Carolina Tarheel  colors.

....Per Dean Smith and per Carolina Cruising; ATLiens said I'm picking and choosing!!  word from these brothas!

O-Dog is a beatsmith while O-Zone is choosing the good word as his  poison; brotha will work it out per Willie Hutch..

Trying to manage the anger in this world full of danger; soon coming through in the clutch!!

Check out O-Dog's Conflict With The World Mix

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