Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chopping Game Up PT. 6

 Chopping Game Up; please!! it's not over!! even though  It's A Dark Mysterious World We're Slipping Through..   so what it do?  
The Game Is Shady Like Grady; it's still crooked; where you dipping to?
Surrounded by Shady Characters rolling similar  to the  operatives in a police state?   or maybe like terrorist attacks in Denmark but some will miss their mark due to skipping through all the important steps..

Like Denmark Vesey and a moment in Black History the sound is used in spiritual warfare as a weapon; The funk is what one gets...

Funk Seminars are conducted; Chopping Game Up making history!! we let you know about fouls that are flagrant...

The Mothership Has Landed; but we flow down waters that are stagnant..

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