Monday, February 16, 2015

The Description

                                      *it gets stereotypical*

Fitting the description; stereotypes come into play; they try to front on a player..

Watching the depiction; the re-enactment per Oprah and Selma; by an actor,  actress, or another a role player..

Real politician like John Boehner threatening to shutdown the DHS because of Obama immigration initiatives

The description? they say a brother fits it!! now check the drama due to good vs evil; positives vs negatives...

How you living? due to Ferguson / NYC chokeholds we're *knowing what the deal will be* life is not  a beach!!

In the hood? knowing what the real will be; automatic gunfire heard!!  sirens blare!! tires screech..

In the hood?  at the megachurch big homie will preach!! he was seen rolling in a Jaguar!!  meanwhile homeless have nothing to eat..

Economy is bad!!  might even be in your neck of the woods per Al Roker; your boulevard; your street..

Who will hit alt-shift-delete? a foul joker like   the architect of the matrix will get busy!! after your captured?  cells transformed..

Microchips implanted; some cloned; per this ongoing Winter who will survive after it stormed? worldwide ISIS cells are transformed!!

 Fiction?  non-fiction?  during the ongoing crisis Play On Player was the advice from the ATLien!! a role portrayer;    *I'm Not Mad Atcha* even though due to global warming it's on thin ice your skating!!

During the ongoing battle / crisis?  I wasn't alarmed when I heard them say I *Fit The Description*  during the so called Iowa Freedom Summit  when they called themselves debating..

They weren't relating; said something about a criminal element...

They said it was all love; but the vibe told a different story; the subliminal will tell it..

Some fell for it!!  the old okey doke!!  it'll get hot like Dante's Inferno...

But Funk Seminars are conducted; broken beats are the basis;  we're *Blowing Up The Spot* with this updated disco inferno...

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