Saturday, February 28, 2015

Out There / Outside The Box PT.6 (Those Inside Were Confused)

                                      *confused about things*

Told you earlier; this brotha is *Outside The Box*  but due to spiritual significance I'm still *All Up The House*

Like Vladimir Putin didn't have anything to do with Boris Y. Nemtsov's death it's a contradiction; but it's real, not fiction!!  but I'm Going All Out..

Out There? oh yeah, but I'm *Staying On Point*  making my point with the funk that's considered Hazardous Material / Armed and Dangerous!! during these turbulent times we might have to use things!!

Out There? a voice in the Babylon Wilderness?  some are Confused About Things...

Out There? dude mentioned the ISIS Babylon Prophecy!! but there's no stopping me even though a brotha bruised things during the ongoing struggle!!  now the Healing Process is underway..

Chilling; in the A-Town; rolling down I-20 in an old school; listening to some old school!! Frankie Beverly and Maze?  Running Away...

Chilling!! but like the GOP and Homeland Security / Immigration  who will stay down during the ongoing madness?  some are running away from the drama, saying they made the right decision..

A prayer cloth from Reverend Ike wouldn't help; so how you living?

It was like Ike and Tina Turner back in the day; bickering!! but not too many women play that anymore...

I'm cooling out on the back burner; laying in the cut!!  listening to some old Miles Davis Bitches Brew; radio doesn't play that anymore...

They know the score; some wouldn't understand; how would they behave with this? somebody might know what I'm saying!!

Some didn't know the score even though FoxSports and ESPN was on;  word from a brotha outside the box checking out those that are inside confused about things!!  so whatcha saying?

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