Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Smoke Cleared PT.4 (We're Not Out Of The Woods Yet)

 Taking a look around; I notice that the smoke is clearing, but we're not out of these woods yet!

Taking a ride down I-20 in Atlanta all the way to the new city of Stonecrest; we're not out of these hoods yet!!

Light at the end of the tunnel? I can see it, meanwhile in Massachusetts constituents light the end of a funnel!! they're soon smoked out!!

Meanwhile I'm making a run for the border!! I'm through with it; Rick James L-Z Square Bustin out? please! I already broke out!!

I'm out of order according to the thought and fashion police!!  I didn't participate in tricky games per the ongoing smoke and mirrors...

I'm making a run for the border like I was in Aleppo!! the smoke cleared, maybe me and my people can escape the reign of terror...

The Yamaha four track recorder from the ghetto pawnshop plus a blue ink pen and the loose leaf were the weapons used when I made my initial break for it!!

A brotha graduated to computer software and typing this good word on the iPhone but the devil was mad in this zone!! he and his advocates introduced  glitches in the matrix.......

...But a brotha knew there we're already glitches in the matrix;  Wikileaks and Russian hackers contribute to the confusion.

Snitches fake it / pull a hoax!!  from Rick James Super Freaks to wannabe gangsters with their havoc wreaks; the madness? they contribute to it!! ill logic they're using.

The smoke clears so I make a run for the border!! I'm not swinging at those pitches these Cy Young award pitchers are throwing!! the fiery lake is full of illogical disciples.

The smoke clears so I make a run for the border!!  we still have a long way to go, we're not out of the woods / the hoods yet!! a naysayer  / flagrant agent said I should be swinging for those riches!! even the so called fiery R and B singer said I'm a fool to break these cycles.



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