Saturday, February 15, 2020

Funky Disco House By Cole 2020 (Ice Cream)

Digital Crate Digging Continues as Saturday afternoon transitions into Saturday evening....

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; we're transitioning from O-Dog Day Partying to Saturday Night Fevering, 

It's the weekend baby, enough of dealing with jokers lying / robbing / stealing thieving in more ways than one..

From Bill Barr / Donald Trump trickery to shooting at Kandi Burruss  Old Lady Gang restaurant over in East Point; jokers ask me what's my point and do I have one?

Over the bar? we'll jump like Edwin Moses did hurdles, check the Black History moment for February as we rock this joint!! listening to this mix called Funky Disco House By Cole 2020 (Ice Cream)

Bumping in the car / hooptie as we roll down I-20 in Atlanta; check out the playlist and the mix so you can see what I'm saying / understand a brotha / know what I mean..

01. Giorgio Rodgers - Somebody Else (Original Mix) 02. Jack Truant - House That Jack Built (Original Mix) 03. Da Funk Junkies - Find Me On The Floor (Original Mix) 04. Jo Paciello - Can't Stop It (Original Mix) 05. Da Funk Junkies - Keep On Groovin' (Original Mix) 06. FederFunk - Up,Up To The Sky (FabioEsse Remix) 07. Yvvan Back & Back & EM PI - Your Voice (Back & Em Pi Remix) 08. Johnick, Bonetti - Get On It (Original Mix) 09. Makito - Be Here (Original Mix)
10. Cisco Barcelo - Music Saved My Life (Original Mix)

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