Friday, February 07, 2020

The I-20 Chronicles: We're Back On The Set Again..

We're back on the set again on this Fabulous Friday / Flashback Friday;  we're flexible with it..

Still out here on I-20 in Atlanta, out here on the Eastside where the sun usually rises; blessed with it...

My constituents? on I-20 in Atlanta stressed by it!! what?   the rush hour traffic!! the sun wasn't rising this morning,  ominous clouds were in the background...

My constituents? understand a brotha they're stressed by it!! Trump claims victory!! acquitted but not exonerated, him and his cult still hated!! check the Trump rallies with the ominous crowds in the background..

Still out here on I-20 in Atlanta, beats bump in the hooptie as we came back around after intergalactic excursions..

Moving st a high velocity with the speed you need!! O-Dizzle's beats will bump per the Flashback Friday excursions!!

 God's Property per Kirk Franklin as we Stomp with the big dogs!! O-Dizzle aka O-Dog is not on the bully pulpit or stump bragging and boasting!! as beats rumble he'll stay humble!! realizing it'll always be something!

Properly putting game don!! O-Zone is  not on the bully pulpit or stump like Trump cursing after the prayer breakfast!!  some are out here  playing it like its nothing!

Meanwhile,  when things get bad?  O-Zone had to admit he curses and prays until the tears go away!!  healing scars,  not just physical its on the spiritual plane!

Who's bad like Michael Jackson when they're all up in the action? shutting it down like Bill Barr and the Trump investigations? meanwhile,  check these breakbeat scientific elaborations; .bars, hook lines, and with his own beats is how O-Dizzle is playing.

Back in the action / back on the set again dealing the drama another was begetting, they've got your dude praying; "Lord Help! Lord Help! that's the battle cry that's heard!

Still out here on I-20 in Atlanta, after intergalactic excursions / out there swerving!!! dealt with the inclement weather!! the drizzle was the preview for the reign; now check the attitude, after the campaign this  funk is dropped along with the good word!

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