Monday, February 03, 2020

Methods To The Madness (Part Six)

The saga / struggle continues; by now y'all should know that's my favorite slogan; it's on, once again!!

Like the Kansas City Chiefs comeback in the Super Bowl per Patrick Mahomes methods to the madness are developed;  it's on, once again!!

Census taken like 2020;  the Chief Rocka like the Lords Of The Underground? O-Dog rolls up / pulls up on the set with the sound..

O-Dog will bite like a rottweiler dropping the sound like Rod Temperton plus Keith and Johnnie Wilder aka Heatwave; this is how he'll get down

O-Zone will drop this insight after playing it like the Heatwave track Mind Blowing Decisions, doing the knowledge is how I'm living, but some were thinking I misbehave...

O-Zone? shining the flashlight like Parliament or a weaponized security guard; while O-Dizzle was chilling like Grace Jones; to the rhythm he was a slave...

Music Monday references with a Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday benevolence, some of our methods to the madness..

Monday motivation provided after seeing how the work will be; good and evil collided / coincided!! these jokers haven't stopped the madness!!

They confirmed what dude told me down in Nassau in the Bahamas; due to the ongoing dramas?  these jokers haven't stopped the madness!! they took my advice the wrong way, as they proceed and continue..

As the world turned we kept dealing with these ongoing dramas!! methods to the madness were developed, check the menu..

CD's were burned plus your dude expressed his attitude; dramas were confronted when cashing reality checks and making sound effects..

Lessons learned, now methods to the madness are developed and implemented,  utilized when fighting those demented as they disrespect..

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