Thursday, February 20, 2020

Caught Up In The Middle Of The Action

Your dude mentioned minding and tending earlier per this Throwback Thursday; but soon, it's easy to be caught up in the middle of the action..

Check the attitude, beat blending and good word dropping; it's not easy, it's a rough job  but somebody's got to do it, it's rough out here, no room for a reluctant warrior /  no inaction.. allowed, Rakim mentioned no mistakes allowed with Eric B when they moved the crowd; jokers smoked on the loud but soon we'll see they're caught up in the system / matrix..

Hustle knocking from the apparatus? oh yes!!  the applause was loud after jokers  play you like Mike Bloomberg in the Democratic debate in Las Vegas

Hustling!!  rocking out  or chilling out on this Thankful Thursday, an unwilling participant but damn!! now I'm caught up in the middle of the action as we move to Pisces season..

Just left Aquarius season, jokers were acting nefarious for no reason!!  but per Trump power moves concerning pardons and sentence commutes?  check out the crisis in this season!!

Who's fair with this? these are love and war circumstances!!  beats bump and these sentences / good words are dropped as your dude advances / commutes down I-20 in Atlanta, retro futuristic with these methods to the madness!! looking into the future., plus using the 20/20 hindsight.

Could go ballistic while caught up in the middle of the action!! check the steady bombardment still launched in 2020 and hopefully beyond as I get my mind right.

Caught up in the middle of the action / caught out there, dropped like Pop Smoke? .man this thing is serious it's no joke!! O-Zone goes for broke as he hit up old and new schools.

Next school knowledge for old girl and old dude,  plus the little homies!! no more old and new fools?

Good mileage acquired on the mothership / cruise ship despite the blockade, not sick with it like the coronavirus!! .old and new rules are broken, who made them up? just tools for bondage?

Our tools / methods to the madness while caught up in the middle of the action? broken beats and English!! industrial strength / mechanical engineering while out here dealing with the loathing / fearing introduced by these corrupt pirates!! that's how we respond to it.

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