Friday, February 14, 2020

Methods To The Madness (Part Ten)

The saga / struggle continues!! nobody heard me when I told them to stop the madness...

The saga / struggle continues on this Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday; we had to develop methods to the madness..

Rocking these venues with this good word and sounds on the menus; these meals will continue to be served even though this is the concept finale..

Rocking these venues!! the fronts are  local , national , international and intergalactic where we'll drop these mathematics!! breakbeat scientific is how the style will be...

Knocking these hustles? jokers front like Bill Barr , acting irrational!!  fanatics will press the button or turn the dial, foul will be the style!! jokers are sick like the coronavirus.

Knocking these hustles / raising the bar!! rational methods to the madness are developed even though punishment gluttons want to see us short circuit like a Toyota Prius..

Misery loves company, they'll start a corporation paying low wages, plus showing no love even on this Valentine's Day!! a naysayer is happy to see us struggling!!!  over here in Decatur? a hater was heard saying "I know dats right" 

Chilling with the opposition, while another developed methods to the madness like the Prophets Of Rage ready to turn the page;  heard White Mike up in Kentucky a Mitch McConnell supporter  "saying it ain't right"

Dealing with the opposition; "they said things ain't tight"  but supposedly fail- safe;  shadetree mechanics are notified!

What condition was your condition in after you dropped in per Kenny Rogers;?  fanatics claimed they were bonafide

Somebody lied!!! that's word from Pops per this Flashback Friday reference realizing there's no benevolence so check these method to the madness developments; per this good word and the sound your homie stays on point.

I can see what they're saying, but  methods to the madness are developed we'll keep on playing even though I'm not the peoples choice; ...I'm not the one they'll anoint!!!!

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