Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Methods To The Madness (Part Nine)

Asking earlier about the prognosis; your dude had to do the knowledge / analyze the information...

Basking in the limelight with doses that are lethal targeting my people? peeping game per the public transportation / transformation...

Methods to the madness were scrutinized, from Mike Bloomberg with stop and frisk to Trump and Barr interfering with the Department of Justice..

Methods to the madness were developed on this side of the spectrum per this HumpDay Extravaganza; I didn't merge with the apparatus!!  beats that bump and a bar or two of this good word are dropped check the status; serving poetic justice..

Methods to the madness were developed, mentioned going postal pushing the envelope we'll proceed and continue..

Methods to the madness were developed!! check these meals!! breakbeat scientific principles are on these menus!!

Whats the dizzle?  we made a break for it like Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire after we had our share; but  over in the hood the Jamaican said he had the good herb,  might need to smoke some to get your mind right!

What's the dizzle? he said we might need to burn one because society doesn't understand us!! that's his method to the madness, smoking like its 4-20;  meanwhile we do the math for the 20 20 hindsight!

What's the dizzle? your dude is still out here on I-20 in Atlanta unleashing the Sonic Assault; zones will get attacked..

What's up money? what's up uncle? that was the reception over at South Dekalb Mall after I spotted dude in Stacy Adams shoes and the Sean John pin stripped suit!! his method to the madness / occupation? he said he macked..

G-Money said he was done with me!!! my methods to the madness didn't follow the basic ATL / A-Town principles,  by keeping it pimping player!

G-20 / G-8 / G-7  was done with me and my people because Trump was incompetent!!! in this world ? already stressed out trying to survive; they add another layer!

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