Monday, February 10, 2020

Methods To The Madness (Part Eight)

We're back on the set again on a Monday Morning, heard somebody mentioned a Marvelous Monday..

We're back on the set again, more "buking and scorning" per dropping this good word? of course your dude will let the music play...

Methods to the madness? back with that and this!! scoring points with these unconventional weapons..

Back with this trying to make a difference, per the Oscars knowing we're not the ones society anoints but we'll proceed and continue with these missions..

Back with this trying to make a difference check the methods to the madness; rocking this funky joint like the Poor Righteous Teachers...

It's going down on this Monday morning; yesterday per Sunday morning we heard the word from the righteous preachers..

Trying to reach us with ruminations while we also gathered Full Moon in Leo illuminations, insight for dealing with situations?

Sonic culminations will rock the nation introduced by O-Dizzle while the Brotha O-Zone will provide the rhema applications..

No Iowa caucus type of applications when fighting the reign that began with a drizzle!! knowing the saga / struggle continues!!  another way to say life goes on.

A foul one lost us as we try to ease into the routine after observing the scene / seeing what goes on. 

Please!!  check the methods to the madness as routines /  rites and rituals by habituals in their habitats can be seen as uplifting or limiting. 

Please!!  check the methods to the madness as we try to work it all out as  the machine careens out of control!!  life is hectic,  plus we're disrespected when we're out here trying to do the damn thing!

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