Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chilling Out / Laying In The Cut / Minding and Tending PT.3

I'm chilling out...laying in the cut...taking old girls advice;  this dude is minding and tending. 

Dealing with the madness out here...not faking..keeping it real!! but it ain't nothing nice!!  I'm paying the good word dropping and beat blending. 

It's rough / hectic out here for a player / pimp per Hustle and Flow..I had to combine now were sending messages / subliminals in these songs. 

It's rough out here!! these hustlers know as these haters interrupt the flow!! knocking the hustle!! but we stay strong. 

Waiting in the dark? we didn't stay long..we kept it moving!! nobody was checking for us anyway. 

..unless charges are trumped up per citizenship questions by Donald Trump types..we know how they play. 

That's why we're minding and tending..ignoring Donald Sterling thumped up in the hooptie as we dip down I-20 in Atlanta.

City lights were blinding some per Stevie Wonder's living for the there's no pity from the street committee!! they don't understand a brotha. 

I'm on some "other other" ....I mentioned earlier "everybody ain't able"  per old girl. 

That's why I'm taking her advice... I'm minding and tending!! laying in the cut....chilling out as the drama unfurls.

Out in San Diego County the wildfires swirl...some are finding previews of how hell will be per Curtis Mayfield..or maybe the Lou Donaldson version... 

Unlike Carmen SanDiego there's no need to ask where I am...not out there playing the field...I'm minding and tending...that's how it's working... 


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