Monday, May 26, 2014

Laying In The Cut / Memorial Day Edition

It's Memorial Day...all respect due to those who paid the ultimate price..

Knowing what it it'll play out...ultimatums were issued when some were already overpaying the price.. ain't nothing the drama at Myrtle Beach...that's why this dude is chilling!! please!!  I'm laying in the cut. 

Spiritual warfare is going screech on the getaway vehicle...we're on the front lines but still praying for the corrupt. 

...mentioned going in earlier;  chilled at the Atlanta Jazz Festival listening to Diego Figueiredo ...but things can burn like San Diego County...please!! were in it now up to our necks.

 Were showing a sense of urgency..knowing that the currency is negotiated by reality checks. 

I told these merchants I'm good!!  there's no information overload! the overstock is erased with these clearance rack epiphanies

Speed merchants on I-285 in Atlanta in luxury cars, stock cars, donks and bubbles raced out ahead of the game!!  now it's all game when I drop this thesis. 

Negro please is what I want to tell these cats!!  Dream Merchants per New Birth and not 9th Wonder

Check the style / steelo;  I'm just laying in the cut..I refuse to go under. 

Checked the foul and the moves they made...Elliott Rodger types were down to Plan Z... 

Checked the style..some were through dealing while others were  flamboyant like Kanye and Kim..meanwhile on this Memorial Day  I'm laying in the cut..that's what the plan will be...

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