Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Faking The Funk

I’m all up in the spot!! doing what I do..so what it do?  parking lot pimping is the strategy.

Parked behind the Mazda with Missouri tags from the show me state;  reflecting my attitude.. I heard what was said…but show me is my strategy.

Drama goes down like US / China cyberspying..now jokers act like they’re not sure about me !! they show me hate when they “holla at me”

Wannabe power brokers were acting shady…they’ll even blow your cover like the White House; they even threw a dollar at me.

Others were like Nathan Shady Deal and healthcare in Georgia….faking the funk!!  acting like they knew what it do..they even talk a good game.

ATLiens were faking!! they weren’t real!! they were like so called Boko Haram revolutionaries… or like TI vs Floyd Mayweather..they said they were getting crunk!!  saying they had a good game.

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