Friday, May 09, 2014

...These Jokers Be Like..

The saga / struggle continues...especially when these jokers "be like"  Donald Sterling proteges. 

A brotha continues to put it down....avoiding crooks / burglars with the jewelry / sterling silver...dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the stolen Mazda Protege. 

Who's running the so called play?  please!! Adam Silver type commissioners will shut the operation down. 

Pardon me..but Dick Parsons will be running things..but Adam's descendants were heard preaching..mentioning sins of omission and commission!! part of their obligation as they put it down. 

Pardon me...but your favorite local mega-church preacher was dressed like House of Adam type players from Louisville and Cincinnati that put it down!!  some were even dipping in Hennessey or  Brown Brothers Cadillacs.

 "Brothers be like" ...working it out per Willie Hutch!!  coming through in the clutch!! rebuking fanatics. 

Others "be like" ...endorsing fanatics and the moves they make!! per Bronner Brothers and Nathan Shady Deal. 

Jokers "be like"  playing history repeats like the NFL draft as a slave auction? whose all up in the action but they don't know the deal?

Jokers "ain't right" per dude down here in the ATL...they'll celebrate like Kool and The Gang...or like Vladimir Putin after gaffling Crimea..

Jokers "ain't right" ...down here in the ATL? a fool was acting strange...Plan Z looting and pillaging with the crimies...

What time is it? it's time to get down like at The Players Championship...but they're talking about golf...  

...not talking about these wannabe players and divas down here in the home of the reality show..who claim they're going off....

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