Monday, May 26, 2014

The Outback Chronicles / Sliding Through The Portal...

 A portal opened up..I slide through!!  like I slide through the ATL.. down I-20. 

Per the what's up with these and those? the sport will open up and swallow you like it did Gucci Mane...what's up mane?  what's up money? 

Just trying to maintain...not beefing like TI vs Floyd Mayweather ...I'm chilling out outback on the deck enjoying the May weather...after hearing what's up Uncle?  that's what the young cat asked me hanging around the Shell gas station over on Panola Road..he was bumming change. 

It's rough out there from Myrtle Beach to the Ukraine..I'm showing them what the funk will do!! it shouldn't be hard to tell!! O-Dizzle is funky drumming...the beats will bang. 

O-Zone is showing them things are dysfunctional;  "she's strange"  like Cameo said!!  but we like it.  

...talking about life!! it's a bitch!! out back on the deck I reflect..contemplate;  check the toil and we continue to fight it. 

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