Saturday, May 17, 2014

Zoning / The I-20 Chronicles / Concepts Combined

Dipping down I-20 in's rough out here / out there!! damn!! they've got me zoning like Syracuse.

 2/3 or 1-3-1?  I'm trying not to come undone!!  cloning is what the system will use. 

I'm out here..overpaying dues...cruising down Buford Highway over in Atlanta...immigrants roaming..they looked rough like they're justice no peace?'s like damn!! what did I come here for?

Empty Taaka vodka bottles of the product  distilled in Frankfort Kentucky were on the curb along with losing lottery reminded me of Buford T Justice types on I-64 outside of Frankfort Kentucky trying to write tickets..but I digress..but it had me saying damn!! what did I come here for? 

God is with me as I walk through the door..but actually I'm stressed....feeling like I'm standing alone in this thing;  but it's really on his strength. 

He created me like this!! unique in this zone!! once again it's on as I go the length.

Like Boko Haram in Nigeria I'm hated like that and like this!! O-Zone is doing the knowledge..he's binging and purging so there's no information overload. 

Drones attack like in Pakistan or Yemen while these random thoughts are put on the clearance rack;  bodies are stacked per the Mexican drug overlord. 

I'm trying to get over per Curtis Mayfield and Superfly!!  Lord Help is the Battle Cry!!

Still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta up in the hooptie with the zone defense;  but I Felt The Pressure so check the full court pressure ...I ignored the press..they told a damn lie!!

Still realizing it's all about the money...ask Crimea jacked by Putin in Russia.. who won't have to worry about fuel for awhile..

Zoning..reflecting / contemplating...after jokers lied to me...the truth they were disputing....but I don't worry about a fool and their style...

I Wasn't Worried About Them They Should Worry About Me; Check Out This Mix from O-Dog

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