Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Catch Phrases / Cliches : They Said They Had Bone To Pick With You

I heard the old school catch phrase / cliche;  they said they "had a bone to pick with you"

 You heard?  meanwhile I'm chilling ; used as an instrument but now minding and tending..some wonder what kind of agenda I'll's like being in Nigeria..I know what the danger zone business will do. 

You heard?  check the style...I wasn't part of the chaos, confusion or mass hysteria...somebody said I was missing like Casey Kasem

The hits keep coming!! not just American Top 40 per Ryan Seacrest!  complex is how the sport will be ...per Transformers Age of Extinction.

American Top 40 should have Friends Of Distinction' s Going In Circles on it..because that's what's up. 

American dreams haunt me...nightmares?  and you know it's rough out here!! who's victimized by the corrupt?

American plots and schemes have the whole world angry!! poor McDonald's workers were underpaid but corrupt corporations stay paid during the chaos and mayhem. 

Haves and have nots do battle; they had a bone to pick with you due to the games your playing. 

The fabric rots due to dirty deeds that a clone will do!! as they continue doing Babylon's bidding.

 Mathematics are dropped by O-Dizzle and O-Zone; trying to stop history from repeating. 

Fanatics? were defeating..that's the dizzle in this attack zone..check the knowledge we kick to you...

That's what's up with this!! we provide ammunition for you to fire back when somebody says they have a bone to pick with you..

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