Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Instrument

Pulled out the Hubble Telescope..the instrument...I'm peeping game ...that's what's up!! like residents of Ukraine I'm not down with the status quo. 

Plus...if one wants to move forward? so called power brokers said we had to quid pro quo. 

Plus..macro influences micro as far as the economy is concerned. 

I'm out here...incidents occur...I can see the Lord is using me as an instrument ...but like the Nigerian military knowing about the Boko Haram kidnapping plot Gus and Herb should know how it go!! I saw them in class!! what was learned?

Coincidence was just another name for trouble per the expert..but no justice no peace was the catch phrase at the pep rally!! some "souljas"  earned stripes. 

Circumstances can weigh you down..the toolbox was heavy as we try to work it!! what's up with us?  life is a marathon...we kept it moving...we weren't the types..... quit or stop..but as an instrument we wonder about the role we play when we're led to certain Portland Trail Blazers against the San Antonio Spurs we'll be overwhelmed!! I keep telling them life is hectic / it's chaotic!!

Please!!  it's rough out here!! something else O-Zone  keeps telling them as I drop this good word...meanwhile O-Dizzle will pull the drum / instrument out..he'll rock it!!

Hustles?  haters will knock them in this ATLien zone!!  I spotted the sideways glances from a mile away. 

What's up with us? playing the role of an instrument...but circumstances are debatable; being built or torn down?  how will we run the play? 

What's up with us?  society will still hate on a bruh per Donald Sterling types..please!! we know how they play! 

That's why we have to pray when playing this role of an instrument..things get chaotic!! so we exercise our diplomatic immunity. 


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