Friday, May 23, 2014

The End Of The Day / The End Of The Story

It's going the end of the day?  I told dude I can make myself at home anywhere. 

It's going the end of the story? check the I mentioned love or war?  nothing was fair. 

That's per the Royal Thai didn't alarm me...check the attitude...I paid attention / overpaid the price!!  now I'm due a rebate.

But I'm intergalactic like Comet 209P/LINEAR ..I'm real with ya!! I'm not from around here..but now I'm dealing with these earthlings!! all they do is hate.

Check out how I come with it..dipping down I-20 in the ATL..from Conyers to Douglasville I drop mathematics on these Donald Sterling types!! I didn't have time to debate them!! actually it is what it is. 

Fanatics hype this and that up!! like trying to take John Conyers Jr off the ballot in Michigan... I wasn't working with them!!  they didn't handle Teena Marie square biz.

Mathematics are dropped after they are studied...the truth is revealed at the end of the day or the end of the story. 

This brotha chilled out ..I didn't make a play!!  it's not all about the fame and glory.

At the end of the day? like NFL painkiller lawsuits the real is out!!  some of it I like and some I dislike. 

But I get in where I fit it...not like NBA players before the game rocking outfits that are too tight. 

What it do?  the NSA "ain't right" ..transmissions are monitored so they can see what it do. 

What can I the end the day?  time reveals per Debarge ....those considered large and in charge will see what it do. 

Soon acting like they knew!!  at the end of the day?  were all cashing reality checks. 

End of story!! no ATL reality show!! I don't get off watching train wrecks.

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