Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's Rough Out Here / There's No Where To Run or Hide!

Like the title of this thread?   it's rough out here!! damn!! there's no where to run or hide. 

Down I-20 in Atlanta I did some ride? some celebrate like Putin in Crimea at Victory Day...meanwhile crimies in the ATL rolling in the stolen church van say it's all about the bread and the pursuit of it!!  but during the process?  good and evil collide. 

Also good and evil coincide;  who's rolling like Rasputin all up in the Sea of Salt?  some waters are more treacherous than others.

Damn!! there goes the neighborhood bigots say!!  talking more junk than Donald Sterling about these brothas. 

Sharks and piranhas circle in the waters;  they caught a scent of you. 

Like North Korea talking junk about Obama barks were worse than bites from some of these dogs hit up by the Sonic Assault!! but if you try to move to the next level?  they'll circumvent you. 

...and your progress; these next devils need to stop the madness!!  but don't hold your breath waiting on them to do that. 

...even though some are still waiting in the dark..acting like they knew that. 

..said if their hunch was right?  all they had to do was wait!!  but the waters are treacherous.

 Lunch is served to sharks and piranhas!! it's rough out here for prima donnas!! there's no where to run or hide from this. 

Numbers we crunch like accountants...we did the were ready to ride for this..what? freedom..

Funky is how the sound gets...we're hitting up these fanatics acting erratic like Boko Haram.. I see them...but I wouldn't want to be them..


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