Saturday, May 24, 2014

Synchronization PT.2

 Dealing with these negative situations..some get what's coming to them while O-Dizzle was funky drumming for them while this good word is dropped. 

Soon we'll be back in sync..because we never quit and never stopped. 

..even though the madness never stopped...some are out of sync..out in Isla Vista California Elliott Rodger went on a rampage after being rejected by women..

..even though the madness never stopped..another dude checked into the Hotel California..he was supposedly a "player player"...with the daughter of chaos he shared his semen..

Now he can't check out..but on another realm others have checked out due to lack of synchronization..

The drama is going down from the ATL to Nigeria to Somalia..whose acting foul with ya? check the negative instigation..

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