Thursday, May 15, 2014

Concepts Are Combined; It's Rough / Hectic Out Here

 It's rough out here per Pops!!  plus it's one of my favorite catch phrases.

Concepts is hectic!! the drama never quits and never stops!!  it'll catch you during different phases. 

Praises along with the worship was going down at these pep rallies called progress reports given at the town hall meeting. 

Days and Nights per Kid Cudi? O-Zone lays in the cut..that's what's up with me...please!!  it's like this and like that!!  this is still a hood or street thing. 

These days or nights? reality will issue greetings per Jill Abramson.. it might even cut you a check. 

Actually?  Donald Sterling types will remain..playing games!! that's  what's up!! but they'll get put in check. 

That's how we work things!! please!! life is it's rough out here. 

Check how we work things;  this good word is dropped along with the brand new we go there.
Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Concepts Are Combined; It's Rough / Hectic Out Here

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