Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Instrument PT.4 / A Facillitator?

Once again it's on!! the saga / struggle continues..I feel like a facilitator. 

Once again it's on..ear shattering gunshots exploded like it was Elliott Rodger rolling through Santa Barbara..played like an instrument for good or evil? I'm  reminded I deal with a hater. 

I didn't roger the subliminal message..O-Zone is no Hanna-Barbera character...I didn't want to play a role as a contributor to the confusion. 

What it do? out here in the danger zone?  life goes on..we're out here winning and losing.

 What it do? we kept it moving from this zone to that zone... we're cruising through the universe like the  May Camelopardalids meteor shower...rolling like Jason Kidd..a veteran in the game now coaching.

 Rookies thought they were schooling this veteran with the manipulation!! I had to laugh!!  I see Armageddon approaching

There was no synchonization..even though bookies thought they were ruling those betting!!  playing them like instruments. 

...even marching like HBCU bands!!  but like at FAMU they find out there's no benevolence. that's per Alpha Phi Alpha hazing in Tennessee..with hot sauce on did they work things? 

Playing folk like an instrument...I see them but wouldn't want to be them...trying to run things like Donald Sterling...

...or even Shelly Sterling...the devil is in the details;  now Kenneth I. Starr type financial instruments were rendered worthless. 

Next level business is going down from this instrument / facillitator.. check out how I work this. 


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