Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Inside Joke PT.2 (Still Laughing)

I was laughing at the inside joke like I heard Kevin Hart or somebody..something will always set me off. 

Check this math I bring..playing my part as I do the damn thing!! actually?  it's not a joke when I go off....

....on a tangent;  like HAARP signals I'm way way out there damn it!!  the bus doesn't run out this way!!

Somebody would manage to get thrown under the bus if it did run out this way!!!

Peace to the collateral damage that'll be outta here when I run this play!!

Please!! the Trilateral Commission is still on a wasn't just back in the day..

Right "back atcha" ...we peeped game;  we heard the inside joke the CIA chief in Afghanistan it was supposedly secret knowledge....

But snitching or whistle blowing is fashionable these days!!  that's per Edward Snowden challenged by John Kerry to man up..I discussed this with the fellow traveller; this we had to acknowledge. 

The mothership gets good mileage as I dip through the universe like a Soyuz spacecraft leaving  Baikonur Cosmodrome headed to the's rough out here!! a lot was on my dome but I'm  still laughing at the inside joke.

 A brotha gets  scientific!! doing the damn thing like California Chrome...doing the knowledge!!  paying the price but I won't go broke. 

Beats are this good word is dropped...a fanatic will get hit up by the Sonic Blackjack...

We weren't joking..they'll get what's coming to them!!..this is our response jack!!

We weren't joking like shadetree mechanics..a jack of all trades and a master of none..

That's not how we do...peace to Maya we continue her work that isn't done..

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