Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Still Running The Marathon

Ah!! spring is here!! soon it'll be summer!! oh yeah!!  it's that season. 

For what?  the inclement weather..rain is headed to the Northeast; ...storm chasers say whatever!!  it just gives them a reason. chase the wind;  similar to chasing a dollar!!  you'll never catch it. 

Similar to the chase after being shot with cupids arrow!! the path was narrow!! in the ATL wannabe divas were curving wannabe'll have to watch it. 

Similar to the race!! the Boston Marathon or the Kentucky Derby where California Chrome in the Preakness..of course he is the favorite.

Similar to the race I run;  life is a marathon!! you heard me?  earlier I was out in California on I-580 / 880 riding on chrome per West Coasting!! out in favorite. 

West Coast city; what's the deally?  it reminds me of Atlanta with a's on!!

...or Detroit where there's no pity for peeps that are stressed due to the bankruptcy..but some brag and boast like Donald they still have it going on. 

I wasn't d'void of funk per Sir Nose!! I'm still running this I was from Kenya..

..or maybe from Nigeria..ducking and diving from Boko's's rough out here for a pretender... 

Dealing with the mass ducking and diving from wildfires in California...

Still running the marathon...history in the making? dropping this breakbeat science for ya.... 


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