Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's Going Down / We're Just Trying To Get It Together

It's going down like this!! it's easy to get cancelled like were just trying to get it together. 

Spiritual warfare is going down..check the scenario..unlike Jay Carney stepping down we continue to fight this through the good and inclement weather.

A hater said whatever!! back in the day?  Pops warned jokers were talking slick...throwing shade my way. 

A wannabe player aka armchair quarterback was throwing interceptions when they run the play. 

They need to "doobie doo run run Runaway" the joint by Roy Ayers. 

Were Taking It To The Streets like Doobie Brothers.. but it's rough out here boy!! you'll have to say prayers.

Some are faking it in the streets!!  like the weave was Virgin Remy. 

...taken during smash and grabs in Atlanta streets.."naps"  were showing!  plus I see how they're flowing / working it;  acting like they're drunk off the Remy. 

.... Martin;  what are they starting?  these ATL jokers were cock blocking and player the end of the day?  they're like a Wal Mart greeter. 

Martin Lawrence type jokers!!  while we drop this forecast like Al Roker!  were just trying to get it together. 

Turbulence is expected during the ongoing stormy weather..actually it's already going down...

You heard this straight from a breakbeat scientific brotha that's out here throwing down...

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