Sunday, May 18, 2014

Please!! I Can Here The Chants In The Background

 Please!! it's like being at the Five Points MARTA station waiting on the train. 

Eastbound?  Westbound?  I can hear them coming down the tracks ...similar to me going in / slipping through the crack...the blues song by Betty Wright said no pain no gain. 

Drama jumps off like in the Ukraine..the script will play out like my mind tells me. 

No justice no peace were the chants heard in the background!!  as  the arch nemesis came back around just  like Nathan Shady Deal at Morehouse..but I continue to put it down hoping that my mind doesn't fail me.

Damn!!! there's always something!!  paying the price for a shady deal per the Republicans and Obamacare? ... the saga / struggle continues. 

Please!!  some of these jokers act like they don't care..they were cocky like Boko they knew they can read these menus. 

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