Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Acting Brand New With Me On A Tuesday

It's going down!! breakbeat science is dropped all day and everyday!! today just happens to be Tuesday. 

It's going down!!  the saga / struggle continues; like Ray J vs Kanye.... jokers act brand new with me. 

...like they took the wrapper off the package...or the merchandise of these cheaply made products. 

...Saying I'm a crook because I'm using this math to go off!!  they said it's hazardous material.. "it ain't nothing nice" ...like martial law in Thailand.. there were no orderly conducts. 

The new world order corrupts the masses.. Donald Sterling types don't give a flip about you.

The four track recorder was an instrument we're working with..it's used to conduct classes..this is what it do.

Freedom is on back order ..recalled like GM vehicles?  we can see through the game per Chinese hackers..

I see them..some are acting out of order...acting brand new with me on this Tuesday..gamblers are out for a fast buck..cards? please!! they'll stack on us...

The return of the mack? it's on us..not like Michael Jace up in the race flipping out ...

There's no turning back..as we move forward....somebody has to be on the case..we weren't waiting in the dark..we're slipping out...

Others were skipping out on the rent...soon paying penalties, fines and fees like Credit Suisse...

Others tried to circumvent..acting brand new with me on this Tuesday...but like Chuck Brown were Busting Loose..

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