Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Damn!! We Couldn't Have Or Do Anything

Damn!!  it's like the shootings at Myrtle Beach..the drama goes down!! it reminds of the catch phrase / cliche;  no justice no peace!!

After looting and pillaging the village I hear tires screech as pirates dip...like Somali pirates gaffling a ship / per the Ukraine..damn!! we couldn't have or do anything!!  it was hard to be at ease. 

Some were disputing the truth when I was dedicated to it..I was just trying to ease on down the road per the Wiz or ride off into the sunset like cowboy movies.

Now the drama goes down!! from Flight MH370 in Malaysia to Santa Barbara..to passages by Comet 209P/LINEAR...the drama is local national international and intergalactic!! so now I'm back at it!!  funky is how the grooves will be.

....Saw irrational ones acting erratic!! but  it doesn't move me..I'm usually minding and tending. 

Random, rational or even so called irrational thoughts are expressed by O-Zone while O-Dizzle is beat blending

Sending subliminal messages like Donald Sterling and Mark Cuban were sending us. 

..."Criminal minded we've been blinded" types per KRS-1 /Boogie Down Productions?  who's defending us? 

Whatcha been through?  blinded by the lights!!  thinking you can have your cake and eat it do? 

Now trying to rape and pillage the village like Boko Haram..so what it do? 

The system will unravel you / gaffle you like the NFL players filing the lawsuit. 

Some are through dealing;  damn!! we can't have or do nothing / anything....check the collateral damage due to the pursuit of the loot. 

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