Monday, May 12, 2014

The Instrument PT.2

Check out this liquid;  straight from the vessel or instrument!! wet or dry? straight out of the pitcher like lemonade...who will drink it? 

What's the deal with it?  jokers hate!!  a wet or dry snitcher played the game..they'll try to circumvent. 

Rolling up in a KIA Sorento or Soul like the hamsters / fury animals ...acting animated.

Soon chilling like Rob Ford in rehab up in pronto when playing the blame game like Donald Sterling vs Magic Johnson...the syndrome will need more than a placebo!! but even the fake doctor's ID was laminated.

Chilling out; not on one accord with how jokers work things down here in the ATL... check this product from lab...meanwhile I see them;  the epitome of a house Negro;  the 2.0 version. 

Clearance rack epiphanies were still to expensive..some can't pay attention!! they're too busy swerving. 

Clarence Thomas types are not down for the cause...they need curving ...along with others at the family reunion like Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima.

The Sonic Assault Attack Zone Mix is how we respond to this..truth or dare this?  tools or instruments?  maybe a catalyst?  or maybe just a change agent in response to the drama? 

Scared fools never took a risk...they were complacent;  but then some were like Solange Knowles in attack mode..they lived on the edge. 

Scared of the rules? please..O-Zone rolls on...some of these rules  were part of a deliberate falsehood;  do the knowledge. 

The mothership gets good mileage..I wasn't trying to merge with these earthlings...but now lights blink on the instrument panel. 

A brotha gets scientific; not Iceberg Slim with the ice melting in the Antarctic...was I an instrument thrown in the Lion's den like Daniel?

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