Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Cal Tjader - Guachi Guaro (Carl Cox Remix)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed with this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday edition.

Y'all know the science; things can go either way, but the  terrific outcome manifested even though those with terrible intentions stressed it; y'all know how they're living!!

Interlopers try to make you uncomfortable,  you can’t even chill in your comfort zone!

Wishers and hopers have a hard time coping with that and this, they’ll get caught out there hit up by a clone with a drone! 

Like a code orange terror alert travel restrictions and no fly zones will be strictly enforced!

Word from Ice T, no suckas /  busters or herbs or bitch ass mfs are allowed in the vicinity!!  chill with that propensity up in these complex sports!

What's up with us?  we're listening to this classic Latin Jazz track from Cal Tjader  called Guachi Guaro (Carl Cox Remix)

The original composers / lyricists we're the late great Dizzy Gillespie and also Chano Pozo, check us out as we go for what we know getting breakbeat scientific..

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