Tuesday, March 02, 2021

What’s Beneath The Surface? (Part Four)

 We’re laying this down on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way.

Of course we’re claiming the terrific outcome then we’re pulling out the drum for the life celebration by letting the music play! 

Rest In Peace / paradise to Dave Cee aka Nitt Pitino from up in Louisville whose birthday was yesterday as we continue the legacy; peeping game trying to see what’s beneath the surface; you can be a hero one moment and a villain the next per Andrew Cuomo.

No justice no peace is the cry from Minneapolis to Louisville but some are still sleeping in the game not seeing how the system will work this / not knowing how it go..

Whatcha know about the frustration? in these days and times it’s off the hook /  it’s unbridled! some have even lost hope, no satisfied horizon?

From the Texas polar vortex episode to down south tornadoes the vermilion sky coincides with booming winds and barren lands. The sport is complex , mentioned earlier! check the insight as some roll like a chameleon that understands the color of light. Transformation / manipulation? they’ll change colors doing whatever to get it right!

Check this insight as we dig beneath the surface like coal miners from Kentucky and West Virginia! 

In Kentucky? I didn’t like how  Mitch McConnell or even Rand Paul roll;  they don't know anything about a brotha!! 

What’s up with me? just a Louisvillian who moved south to Atlanta  just to get work after looking beneath the surface! 

Checked the archives; I mentioned previously that the Whole Game Is Shady peep game to see how the system will work that and this!

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